Technical Requirements

This Web site is optimized for the following configuration:

Specification Windows Macintosh
Operating System Windows® 10 or above Mac® OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or above
Internet Connection Broadband connection (e.g. DSL, cable modem, FIOS, or corporate network) with 500kbps bandwidth or better required; dial-up connections will seriously impede full functionality and viewing Multimedia content on this Web site.1
Monitor Resolution 1024x768 Recommended Millions of Colors; 1920x1080 recommended
Browser Support Newest version of Edge®, Firefox®, Google Chrome, Safari®2
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader 11 or above3
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1 Some premium content on YouTube – like movies, TV shows, and live events – require a faster connection and greater processing power to ensure optimal streaming speeds. Internet connection with 1+ Mbps. It can help to close other tabs, browsers, and programs while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.
2 In order to watch YouTube videos, make sure you have the most up to date browser, operating system, and a good Internet connection.
3 Adobe Reader is available as a free download from the Adobe Web site.

Unix/Linux is not officially supported.

Accessing Certificates

Some portions of the Web site such as the Certificate require the Adobe Reader.

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